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Bro periods varla bro 😭 hair unwanted placela valaruthu bro payama iruku bro my ambition is to become a kpop singer bro . I want to become bro but this shouldn't stop me
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What do you think about brahma kumaris?
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Bruce lee=God....
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MG Squad
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வருசத்த கரெக்ட்டா சொன்னா.....எவன் ஆட்சின்னு சொல்லிரலாம்....2016..ல் ஜல்லிக்கட்டு போராட்டத்துல ஆட்டோவ கொளுத்துன போலீஸ் அப்பாவிகளை அடித்து நொருக்குனது இப்போ நடந்தது
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Raising the hand bro 🥺😒 I will leave that
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I think so, the mystery is not in the time or people or the land or engineers But, The real mystery is in the Nile river
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Madan Speech And Action Is Very Funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
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Thala enakku oru naala phone kuduthutu ban pannuga smart 📱😭😭
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China vera level 🤣🤣🤣 taiwan nee enaku dhan
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Naan nambiddan.aana adhu eppadindu yosikkum podhu neega April fool sonniga.kadachiya sonna visayam madhi nadakka koodathu
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Oru vishayam patri neenga video podum podhu.. Please do a groundwork rather than going by Google search result or other videos available in network.. Let's not give half information which misleads to next generation.. So please take care of the info as being influcener its ones responsibility not to pass half cook information.. Every story or incident has two sides.. Being neutral is giving both side of the information..
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ji vera video podunga corona namala vittu pogathu... summa content illanu corona pathi mattum pottu views vanguringa... corona will not go people also suffer so dont put video with same content again and again for views
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Madan gowri is mental
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Ennena solraan parunga
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I love bruse lee
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Kannatha pathupoduven
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Equality corporate Culture Nala orutharoda name soldradhu nalla irundhalum.. But oru suyanalam illama nattuku and society oda injustice ku poradaravanga and social life arampanadravnagala oru mariyadhai koduthu pesuvadhu nalla irukum.. This quality indha generation valarthukuradhu nalladhu.. We are not even to the point what those had been gone through and fought for.. Adhuku respect kodukalamey..
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Enna elavu voice recorder da
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Enakku ethume natakka kudathu bro
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Kannam parum
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A2D channel already did this video your are sooo late Madan gowri 🤥🤥
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Bro voice differ ahh iruku bro pazhaya mic laa pesunga
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Your posts are too laggy.. You don't hit the bull's eye...
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Bro bts pathi edhavathu video podunga plzz
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However the Gomathinayagam Commission of Inquiry had concluded that there was no "police excess".... My mind keeps begging the question ...what is the definition of 'justice' ?. Should it not be reexamined or are are we to simply shup up and swallow the 'master narrative' hook, line and sinker all in one go?
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Anna university arrear pathii pesunga bro
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Bro kodiankulam is in thoothukudi district not in tirunelveli district 😳
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I love u Vadivelu sir... Vadivelu sir lovers like.....
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na commerce student dhan ipa 1st bca padikura semi conductor na enna nu theriyadhavangaluku oru chinna lesson: electricity pass agadha things ella insulator. electricity pass agura things ella conductor. indha renduthukum naduvula irukuradhu dha semi conductor. semi conductor ah konjam heat panna electricity pass agum room temperature la agadhu.
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Brooo voice is not clear broo
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All time travelers are giving interview to Alex TV How?
I ask the question? Pls show your time machine
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பின்னாடி போட்டோஇருக்கு அதுயாரு
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Sound problem
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She not murdered by Ram Kumar.... May was by big people and Ram Kumar was witness of her death
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R.i.p earphone
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India is fake country all of you should know 🙄 India has more countries each people
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Manjolai migavum arumai aga irkum
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Congrats bro ongl ku black sheep award 2021 la kadachthku love you bro 🥰
Vel Murugan
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Movies are proving to be a very dangerous thing to handle for the "exceptional" folks. We are sledge-hammering and shattering every "master narrative" with a counter narrative packaged very creatively in our story-telling and musical craftmanship. Pa Rajjit, Mari Selvaraj and many more like them are God-sent and are raising to the occasion. Our brains needs to be pummeled and jolted-awake over and over again of the cruelties and atrocities of systemic oppression our ancestors endured. The silver screen is a very powerful medium for societal change. I can only wish these young lads God speed. Our Tamil movies have always been very unique, filled with intellectual abstractism, socially educative and entertainingly cut above the rest but this is proving to be a pain in the wrong place for just a few "exceptional" folks. Our diverse diet and pleasure is their pain and hence this "controversy" Keep Tamil Nadu Great
G Prannav
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Yean Anna ippudi kathi pesuringa😁
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Hii bro
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Bro India means chicken biryani
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I totally agree with you bro we have to treat men and women both equally
VM 13 तासांपूर्वी
For this problem. I think 🤔 No.1 good political leader No.2 richest equal education for all .if we done it's very simple ,very easy and you are asome bro keep rocking thank you MG
MAA NICK Creation
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4 place563
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Ama na
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Alagaa jodikkappatta valakku naa enakkum niyabagam irukku
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No gost
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Madan bro neka mad brothers channela comment panuka please
Seven Screens and Our God
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you are as like bruce lee my bro!!
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Dhanush Anna video upload pannala views varuthu
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Anna please explain about the RASPUTIN CHALLENGE of kerala medical students thats trending?
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No yaru da decoy Mathri pandra
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Mad brothers channel la comment panuga bro plzzzzzzzz🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😭😭😭😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
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I am your biggest fan
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Bad sound bro